When moving your products through the supply chain, you need a warehousing and distribution partner that has access to facilities, services, technology and solutions to ensure everything flows smoothly. You need a partner who knows the delivery and labeling specifications for your trade partners, and you need your order status at your fingertips 24/7. In today’s globalized economy, the supply chain is often the most essential link for any company wishing to distribute products. There are a number of variables to consider when entering the North American market are plenty, and IAMG can help relieve the uncertainty associated with building an efficient storage and distribution strategy.


IAMG Dispatch Facility:  

One of the fastest growing avenues for companies of all sizes to gain access to large customer markets such as in North America is through eCommerce. The easy part of the process is selling online, but the difficulties lie in getting the product to the customer in a fast and efficient manner. Shipping product to the North American market can be very expensive, and there is a delay in delivery time if the product is shipped from Asia to USA or Canada.

IAMG can assist you in distributing your product in North American and to help reduce the problems associated with selling products into a new market. We provide managed distribution services for Indian product manufacturers who wish to sell new products to the largest consumer market in the world. We reduce individual shipping cost as well as cut down the delivery time dramatically and improve your competitive advantage compared to local product manufacturers.

IAMG Pickup Facility:  

There are plenty of advantages to selling products online. However online sales are not always saving on distribution costs and hence many customers prefer to pickup the item from locations nearby rather then have it shipped to them directly. If you are selling your product online or by any other means than brick-and-mortar retail locations then you may face an issue where customers ask for local pickup. IAMG provides pickup facilities to the selected cities in North America.

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