India market entry for consumer products can be a daunting endeavor for consumer packaged goods focused companies. When launching new products in India, companies should look at their products from different perspectives and then try to cover each aspect step by step in order to develop a successful product strategy for the Indian market. The most important part of a product is the core functionality. In the food sector for example products almost always need major changes (For example: spicier flavor, removal of non-vegetarian ingredients, etc.). Also the usage of products can be very different in India. To know if the core functionality and the way of usage of a company’s product is going to be accepted by the consumer is the key element when developing the right product strategy for the Indian market.

The second aspect North American companies should look at when developing their product strategy for the Indian consumer market is packaging. Changing the package size and looks is not always necessary. Keeping the same look and size has a ‘global recognition advantage’. Still, some formal changes, like adding the MRP (Maximum Retail Price), indicating if the product is vegetarian / non-vegetarian and the address of the importer and distributor, are mandatory (this applies to every consumer good sold in India).

Along with the packaging comes the brand name. If a company does not have a global brand name, it should consider renaming its product for the Indian market. Choosing the right brand name is a fundamental part when developing a product strategy for the Indian market. With 18 official languages and thousands of dialects, finding the right name for a product is a crucial aspect of marketing in India.

Last, but certainly not least, international companies have to offer a quality sales experience and after sales customer service. Like in every country, a well organized and effective customer service, warranty services, free home delivery and other value added services will increase customer satisfaction. International companies should try to build a strong relationship with their customers and offer locality schemes along with their products. This is also a way to gain valuable customer insights and can be used at a later stage to introduce better products.

IAMG brings in-depth knowledge and expertise, helping companies to establish distribution, sales, service and infrastructure networks for effective marketing in India.


Advertising services provided by IAMG involves mass communication experts, concept developers, visualizers, copy writers, graphic designers and domain experts in publishing technologies, multimedia, electronic media and internet technologies.

Comprehensive and integrated advertising is the necessity today, when differentiation, experience and emotion are the only relevant tools for advertising. IAMG teams of professionals and domain experts deliver advertising services across various geographic markets and mediums of communication be it conventional press, digital media, electronic media and internet media and cuts across language and culture of any country. IAMG advertising services are geared to deliver the best available in the industry and at surprisingly reasonable costs.

A 360 Degree Approach to Advertising

As international business consultants specializing in foreign market entry, IAMG has a full scope approach to advertising expertise to fully support your expansion efforts in the Indian market:


  • • Creative Branding
  • • Media Planning & Media Buying
  • • Print – Newspapers, Magazines
  • • Electronic – Television, Radio,   Multimedia
  • • Outdoor – Digital and Traditional
  • • Social Media
  • • Corporate Social Initiatives
  • • Brand Activation
  • • Events and Entertainment
  • • Printed Collateral – Brochures,   Leaflets
  • • Point of Sale Solutions
  • • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • • Exhibition Services
  • • Relationship Marketing
  • • Web Solutions – Website design, Banners

No matter what your product or service is, no matter whether your product or service is geared towards consumers, businesses, or governments, we have the capability to manage every aspect of your advertising and marketing campaign in the India market.

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