IAMG has strategic partnership with large Indian financial institute to offer facilitation of wide varieties of financial services. The finance market in India is similar to many other finance markets around the world. However, there are laws that are specific to the India finance market that all businesses should be made aware of before considering a foreign expansion effort into the India market. The partnerships we maintain with various financial institutions in the country allow us to provide a wide range of consulting services.


    • Institutional Equity Brokering for Mutual Funds, insurance companies, banks etc.
    • Carrying out extensive research with sectoral focus
    • Providing research data to various clients
    • Retail broking both offline and Internet based stock trading
    • PCG-Advisory services to HNIs
    • Depository Services through CDSL


    • Mutual Funds
    • IPOs
    • Bonds
    • Life Insurance

Investment Banking

    • Private equity Syndication
    • Corporate advisory on mergers and acquisitions
    • Private Placement of bonds and equities
    • Equity Capital Market Services- managing IPO/ Right Issues/ Takeover
    • Term Loan/ Debt Syndication
    • Corporate Advisory
    • Equity Capital Market Services
    • Corporate Finance

Financial Services

    • Capital Market related lending products
    • LAS
    • Margin Funding
    • IPO funding
    • Stressed asset financing
    • NPA Buyouts

Whatever your finance needs are in the India market, IAMG is well positioned to assist you in securing the best deals possible for your company. We have a well-established network of industry professionals with decades of experience standing ready to take on the most challenging of corporate finance issues.

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