IAMG’s Build Operate Transfer (BOT) service model gives your business the flexibility of partnering with a well-established, trusted local partner in the India market to setup your subsidiary overseas efficiently over a period of time. On completion of the project based on agreed upon metrics and time frames, we transfer the assets and handover the operations along with manpower to the client. In other words, we create a dedicated offshore development center for your growing business, allowing you to realize your foreign market entry ambitions with minimal risk, low overhead, and significantly reduced lead time. In addition to this, we also provide your business with innovative and cost-effective solutions for your expansion plans.

Apart from a swift start-up to address your operational needs, IAMG provides you the most cost effective and proficient solutions comprising people, processes and technology that is tailored to suit your international business needs.

Our organization becomes an extension of your business operations wherein you get all the benefits of outsourcing while retaining total control over the operation.

With our Build Operate Transfer Outsourcing & Offshore model we maintain complete transparency, efficiency and quality with a smooth workflow. We help you achieve your international business objectives under your exact specifications. During the transfer stage, our clients have the option to retain the same individuals along with the complete processes that brought the operation positive results.

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