IAMG works closely with our clients to act as their representatives to manage their projects in the India market.

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Project Supervision

IAMG consultants help clients monitor the financial and operating status of their project in India. We conduct periodical review on the financial statements and relevant accounting records of the India project to make sure that they are well kept and are in accordance with relevant government regulations.
We can also conduct fieldwork on a timely basis to ensure that everything is going well with the project.

Client Representation

Sometimes, it is unnecessary to have your own staff involved if you can find someone trustworthy to handle some short-term projects or to represent you in PR events. With prior authorization from our clients, IAMG can act as their representatives on different occasions while they are unable to be present.

Negotiation Assistance

IAMG consultants also get involved in the business negotiations with our clients and their suppliers or customers at every step in the process.

Some of our other project management services include:

    • Collecting the other party’s background information
    • Collecting market information required for the negotiation
    • Help clients obtain a better understanding
    • Carrying out appropriate negotiation strategies
    • Implementing the pre-set negotiation strategies
    • Working as interpreters

We take a unique approach to project management by assigning an account manager in your home country to work with, and a project manager in your target country that manages all aspects of your foreign market expansion project directly.

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