The market assessment is done using a mix of primary and secondary research with internal and external sources. It provides the elements for a first Go/No Go decision point and the base documents of the business case development phase for a foreign expansion project. When considering a new foreign market entry, assessing the market is often one of the first steps in the process. As one of these first steps, it is necessary for it to be thoroughly complete with the most up-to-date information available. This task is not to be taken lightly, and should be entrusted to qualified international business consultants with vast experience in the field.

Some of the key questions we tend to answer with the market assessment are:

Regulatory Assessment:

  • • What are the regulations associated with the business? What are the licenses required and for which   business model?
  • • What are the limitations of those licenses?
  • • What are the costs associated with those licenses?
  • • What is the application process, requirements and timing?
  • • What are the available structures to enter the market?

Customer Assessment:

  • • What customer segments exist, and what are their relative sizes?
  • • What are the customers’ needs and purchase behaviors today and in the future?
  • • What customer needs are not currently satisfied by the market?
  • • Which segments should the client target?
  • • What new opportunities exist?
  • • What are the key purchasing criteria?
  • • What influences the purchase?

Competitive Assessment:

  • • How large is the market now, and in 5 years to 10 years?
  • • Are there noticeable trends?
  • • What are the impediments to market growth? What are the issues in the market?
  • • What are the potential barriers to entry? Who are the key current and potential competitors?
  • • What is their overall strategy?
  • • Which segments do they target?
  • • What product categories do they offer?
  • • What distribution channels do they use?
  • • What are their core strengths and weaknesses?

Distribution/Channel Assessment:

  • • Who are the potential channel partners? What is their overall strategy?
  • • What is their channel coverage and quality?
  • • Which segments do they target?
  • • What product categories do they offer?
  • • What is their regional presence?
  • • What are their core strengths and weaknesses?
  • • Are there other available distribution channels?

India business ventures can be complex, because India is a complex foreign market. IAMG has the experience and network in India to properly assess the market as it stands today, and where it will be in the future. We provide a complete assessment of the Indian market as it relates to your company’s operational objectives, from regulatory requirements to distribution needs to competitive assessments.

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