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We have an extensive network inside the India market to conduct real time market research with the most current and actionable market intelligence available. Having the right market intelligence is absolutely crucial when considering an expansion into a new foreign market. We deal with all aspects of studies, whether quantitative or qualitative, including:

    • Pre test qualitative studies for concepts, products and advertisement projects
    • Motivation studies
    • Satisfaction studies
    • Perception and image studies
    • Product tests
    • Mystery shopping and mystery calling
    • Merchandising analysis, data collection in stores
    • Price sensitivity studies
    • Group Discussions, In-depths, Creative

Consumer Research & Brand Research

    • Brand Studies
    • Usage and Attitude Studies
    • Consumer Behavior and Perception
    • Needs Assessment
    • Consumer Profiling
    • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Assessment
    • Household Panel Setup & Management
    • Price Sensitivity Analysis

Business Research

    • B2B Market research
    • Channel Partners Audit/Study
    • Supply Chain Effectiveness Studies
    • B2B Customer Satisfaction Studies
    • Employee Satisfaction studies
    • Process Audit
    • Sales Force Effectiveness

Product/Concept Testing

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Product Testing
    • Concept Testing
    • Packaging Pre-tests
    • Merchandizing Research

Market Intelligence

    • Competitor Analysis
    • Market Entry Research
    • Corporate Image studies
    • Retail Audits
    • Promotion/Scheme effectiveness monitoring
    • Media research
    • Advertising & Promotion Research
    • Readership Surveys
    • Political Opinion Polls
    • Content Analysis
    • Pre-Post Advertising Testing

We maintain a network of both in-house and affiliate market research professionals to help us facilitate this extensive collection endeavor. When actionable intelligence is the difference between success and failure for your international business ambitions, trusting IAMG with your market research needs is the smartest move you can make.

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