Setting up an office is like an orchestra: everyone needs to do their part when it is their time, with someone to make sure it all flows together properly. An office or production facility in a foreign market can be an incredibly important part of the operation, as it is the public location and face of the company. When it comes to an international expansion effort, site selection and associated processes are a step that cannot be overlooked or taken lightly. IAMG has been assisting foreign companies find appropriate office and/or facility space in the India market for years, and we stand ready to provide that same level of exceptional customer service to your company as well.

Your account manager will conduct a thorough on-site inspection of your headquarters and/or flagship production facility to gather an appropriate set of requirements for your site in India. Some of our services include:

•  Site Selection
•  Sale or Lease Contract Negotiation
•  Office Infrastructure
•  Office Furniture
•  Audio Visual Solution
•  Network Design & Implementation
•  Electrical work
•  Service Personnel
•  Telecom Solutions
•  Security Solutions
•  Document Management Solutions
•  Fire Safety
•  Display & Signage services
•  Stationery Items
•  Products on Rental Basis

Your office and/or facilities in the India market are a satellite of your company, and should represent your company according to your highest standards. You can rest easy and have trust that IAMG will provide the best possible assistance when it comes to setting up your satellite office or production facility.

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