Sustained growth is built by nurturing leads into mature sales opportunities. When considering a foreign market entry, sales is the driver of any successful international business endeavor. Our clients don’t lose out on future sales because leads are not fully qualified, or because sales people are too busy to nurture them. It’s not just about just setting appointments — it’s all about setting appointments with properly qualified sales lead opportunities. The differences in thinking leads to a different approach to business development efforts in a new foreign market, and this different approach leads to a dramatic increase in qualified sales leads and high quality sales.

IAMG not only helps you find the best partners for your products and services, but we also work to ensure you stay “at the front of their minds” and gain the most from your partnership. We know a committed channel results in increased sales, better customer satisfaction and loyalty – boosting the lifetime value of your customers.

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IAMG enhances ROI on marketing programs – regardless of whether the selling channel is via inside sales groups, field sales reps or partner channels.

IAMG provides sales lead generation solutions:

• To better position your sales team for success
• To help your sales team close more business through lead qualification and by providing the tools to    manage them
• To ensure that no opportunity is lost by building a Sales Opportunity Pipeline and nurturing leads to    maturity
• To enhance your success by capturing market intelligence through one-to-one probing and consultative    discussions
• To increase new customer acquisition success from leads generated by your marketing programs

We provide a variety of outbound and inbound telemarketing services customized to support your campaigns and products. As a team, we set the qualifying criteria, develop discussion parameters and measure results.

At IAMG Sales Support, our customer acquisition services focus on both your short term and long term success – and creating success that’s sustainable.

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