International businesses sometimes need to develop and maintain ties with the host governments of their foreign market operations in order for everything to run smoothly. For example, significant export control regulations in the US make it difficult for some kinds of software companies to export product to certain countries. Import controls in India ban certain types of products from certain countries for a variety of reasons as well. For other kinds of products, governments of all countries demand that strict regulations be met before offering the product to the general public. IAMG is committed to provide assistance to its clients in all their statutory government related formalities & approvals in State & Central Government Organizations and other associated agencies.

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IAMG suite of services for Government Liaison includes

    • Registration to industries and others including SSI, Shops & Establishment Act.
    • IT Companies Registration with Govt. of India and Various States
    • STP units registration, IEC License, PAN, Factory License, Pollution Control registration,
    • Co-operative Societies registration
    • Custom Clearance exemption certificate from various Govt. Departments on duty free imports.
    • Obtaining membership of various professional and co-operative bodies
    • Awards application made in the various areas to the industries
    • Subsidy for SSI and SME units from the concerned ministries
    • Subsidy and awards on Quality Certification for SSI and SME units and others
    • IT Turnover Incentives, Capital investment, Connectivity subsidy to IT units

Dealing with the government of any country can be a major headache, and a significant barrier to a smooth foreign market entry plan. IAMG has long standing and deep relationships with local, state, and federal governments in India, and we can help to make your expansion into the India market as smooth and as painless as possible.

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