The supply chain is often the most vital component of most businesses, or at least any business that relies on a supply chain to provide vital raw materials for production and/or finished products for end consumers. When military planners assess a future battle scenario, the first thing they consider is the supply chain. Getting mission critical equipment to troops on the ground is the difference between victory and defeat between evenly matched opponents. IAMG provides supply chain solutions and complete global and domestic transportation services for your foreign market entry endeavor. Through our unique and vast network of independent transportation and warehouse capacity providers and independent sales agents, we have the flexibility and experience to meet any supply chain challenge.

Transportation Services Supply Chain Solutions
Air or Ocean Freight Advanced Technology – Integrated Solutions
Border Crossing Outsourced Logistics
Customs Brokerage Supply Chain Engineering
Expedited Warehousing
Heavy Haul/Specialized
Project Cargo
Rail Intermodal
Truckload or LTL

Whatever your transportation and logistics needs – whether you’re transporting cargo via ground, air or sea, have a specialized/heavy haul loader or require a third party logistics (3PL) solution, IAMG has the expertise and flexibility to handle your needs in a safe, secure manner. In the highly competitive environment of international business in a increasingly globalized world, having a healthy supply chain is the difference between the success and failure of your foreign market expansion efforts. You will feel confident that you can trust IAMG to deliver the proper solutions, and the proper time, and at the proper price.

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