Comprehensive and integrated advertising is the necessity today, when differentiation, experience and emotion are the only relevant tools for advertising. When the average US consumer is bombarded with over 2,000 advertising impressions per day, ignoring those impressions has become an involuntary task. Standing out from the rest of the crowd of businesses competing just for the attention of the overwhelmed US consumer is absolutely critical to achieving success in the US or Canada markets. IAMG advertising services are geared to deliver the best available advertising and promotional solutions in the industry and at surprisingly reasonable costs.

360 Approach to Advertising

    • Creative Branding
    • Media Planning & Media Buying
    • Print Advertising – Newspapers, Magazines
    • Electronic – Television, Radio, Multimedia
    • Outdoor – Digital and Traditional
    • Social Media
    • Corporate Social Initiatives
    • Brand Activation
    • Events and Entertainment
    • Printed Collateral – Brochures, Leaflets
    • Point of Sale Solutions
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Exhibition Services
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Web Solutions – Website design, banners


It’s hard to stand out these days with all the advertising noise out there. From promotional events to POS displays to promotional contests, IAMG takes an out-of-the-box approach to promoting your business in a new international market. To help you break past the sound barrier, we offer you a variety of services that include:

Experiential Marketing                      Guerilla Marketing                       Promotional Staffing

• College Marketing                             • Alternative Advertising                    • Bilingual Staffing
• Field Marketing                                 • Buzz Marketing                             • Brand Ambassadors
• In-Store Promotions                          • Lifestyle Marketing                         • Event Staffing
• Mobile Tours                                    • Marketing Surveys                          • Promotional Models
• Product Sampling                             • Trendsetter Marketing                     • Street Teams.

There are so many different avenues to take when developing an effective advertising and promotional campaign. IAMG tailors every campaign to each product our client’s bring into a foreign market, and carefully considers the target audience as well.

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