Whether IAMG has assisted you in the drafting of your strategic plan, or you have crafted one yourself, IAMG can execute your strategic plan for foreign market entry to your exact specifications.

We also develop a strategic plan for the entry in the market and a detailed work plan – or entry plan blueprint – To implement the strategy. The purpose of these plans is to ensure that the strategy will produce success in the long run.

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The blueprint answer key questions related to the entry strategy:

    • What is required to implement the potential strategies?
    • What barriers must be removed? What organizational changes may be required?
    • What are the roles and responsibilities of people?
    • What are the timing and resource requirements for implementing the strategies?
    • What are the major barriers and risks in implementing the strategies?
    • How can we overcome the barriers?
    • How can we mitigate the risks?
    • What are the alternatives?

Once the client enters the market, we can support him in developing the organizational structure and manage changes related to the implementation of a new organization.

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