The strengths of our governance start at the top, led by a board comprising of internal and independent well-informed directors, who give priority to strategic planning, ensure that standards exist to promote ethical behavior throughout the organization, and seek continuous improvement in governance practices.

These strengths are fostered throughout the organization by a proactive governance culture that has consistently adopted industry-leading standards.

Corporate Governance IMG

Role of the Board of Directors

The role of the Board is to provide governance and stewardship to IAMG. Its role is to review corporate strategy, assign responsibility to management for achievement of that strategy, establish limitations on the authority delegated to management and monitor performance against approved objectives. In fulfilling this role, the Board regularly reviews management’s strategic plans so that they continue to be responsive to the changing business environment in which IAMG operates.

Mission Statement

Our purpose as an organization is to provide the best in class solutions to companies hoping to achieve their international business ambitions. Our goal is to build and maintain a global network of in-house professionals, as well as to partner with extraordinary companies to extend our mutual capabilities. As a member of various trade organizations around the world, we hold our people, our partners, and our product to the highest industry standards, ensuring that our client’s needs are not only met, but exceeded with gusto.

Core Values

At Indo American Market Gateway, we expect our people and our partners to recognize and implement a common set of core values:

• Every client is unique, and therefore their needs are unique. Never should a client be pressured into a   position that will not directly benefit their organization’s central goals.

• A globalized economy means working across time zones and international borders. We strive to provide   complete and unimpeded communication no matter where our clients or partners are located.

• We provide a unique set of professional services to our clients, and thus we strive to conduct ourselves   professionally at all times.

• We believe in the fundamentals of planning: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Procedure. It is the   driving tenant of how we build our own organization, as well as the projects of our clients.

We believe that the only way to be a successful international consulting firm is to help build our clients into successful international companies. We are a company with a purpose, built upon a foundation of preparedness, and executed with 120% of our abilities. Come and experience the culture that IAMG has to share.

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