We are fully aware of the principles of preparedness, and follow these principles constantly. We fully believe in the six P’s when it comes to preparedness: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Procedure. Understanding your internal readiness level before embarking on an international business endeavor is absolutely crucial to achieving your goals in a foreign country. Often times, it is difficult for company leadership to step outside of their organization and take an objective assessment of their readiness. IAMG is experienced in assessing company’s readiness for an international expansion, and our consultants are capable of making that objective observation and delivering the best possible assessment in a highly complex and competitive international business environment.

Our assessment is carried out in three distinct phases. First, our consultant will conduct a thorough inspection of your company and facilities on-site. Some of the activities that will be conducted include:

  • • Interview senior management and establish clear, quantifiable goals and objectives for both your   company as a whole, and your operation in India.
  • • Interview key people involved in the overseas operation, such as product and operations   managers
  • • Inspect the companies business plan and financial statements
  • • Analyze products, service offering, and intellectual property
  • • Inspect the companies operational procedures and facilities to determine the necessary equipment   needed for operational success in India
  • • Analyze sales and marketing efforts

Once we have established this baseline of data, we move our focus to India, the target market. We carefully analyze the Indian market to determine its attractiveness for your company’s operation. During this phase, some of the information gathered includes:

  • • Indian regulatory assessments particular to your operation
  • • Consumer assessment, if distributing products in India
  • • Market assessment, both for Indian consumers (if applicable) and your home country’s consumers who   purchase products produced in India (if applicable)
  • • Competitive assessment for both your home country and Indian markets (where applicable)
  • • Distribution channel assessment in India and US
  • • Facility assessment for your operation in India

During the third phase, we take all of the data gathered and build a highly detailed readiness assessment completely customized for your organization. Not only do we assess the readiness of your organization, but we also assess the market’s readiness to accept your operation, ultimately giving you the best possible roadmap for success in a foreign market. These deliverables are presented to the customer in person, and include:

  • • Internal Customer Readiness Analysis
  • • Market Attractiveness Analysis
  • • Ease of Entry Analysis
  • • Partner & Vendor Needs Analysis
  • • Human Resource Needs Analysis
  • • Scenario Modeling
  • • Economic Analysis

Being informed in critical to operational success and being objectively informed is even more important. We have the experience, the capability, and the network to provide the highest quality data to corporate decision makers that are considering an expansion into a foreign market. In a competitive global environment, allow us to give you the best possible analysis of your international business ambitions.

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