India Market Entry

India Market Entry

Feasibility study for a US Manufacturer

A mid-sized, premium US leather accessories manufacturer was considering further developments through a strategic partnership in India. The company was unsure whether its limited resources could also be focused on India, another promising market for its products. The project’s objective was to evaluate whether developments in India would also be feasible.

We performed a comprehensive market analysis focusing on the trends, the customers, the competitors and the distribution channels. This analysis was made through desk research and face to face interviews with professionals in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Liberalisation and opening up of the Indian market has brought with it a surge of international brands. Whilst India is a very promising market due to its population with large disposable income and cheap labour, right representation (legal status), commitment and location will play a key role in the success of the company brand. Besides, a differentiation strategy would augur well for market impact.

IAMG went beyond market findings to provide an entry strategy for the US Manufacturer and was hence entrusted the task of finding a suitable partner for it to enter the Indian market.

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