US Market Entry

US Market Entry

Low Value, High Volume Consumer Product expansion to the US

Our client, one of India’s leading own-label manufactures in a low value, high-volume consumer-disposable product industry was seeking further growth. It had expanded internationally but had no presence in the USA. The challenge for IAMG was to overcome obstacles for market entry to the US.

IAMG began by analysing our client’s business to gain a real understanding of its strengths and weaknesses, its capabilities and cost base. Gaining an insight into the US market, its structure and operation, competitors and consumer preferences was the next big challenge, before attempting to bring these together. A head on entry strategy (particularly in a own-label business) would be expensive and could be easily defended by the incumbents, the challenge therefore was to find a niche entry point.

Using precision marketing techniques, IAMG were able to identify a niche segment where our client was able to provide more significant differentiation. Furthermore, by narrowing the focus our client would be able to target, communicate and build relationships much more effectively and with much smaller budgetary implications.

Based on this niche, IAMG were then able to build a comprehensive, highly targeted entry strategy, through to the production of detailed marketing, sales and operations plans for the US market.

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