Canada Rep Office

Canada Rep Office

Indian State Tourism Representative Office in Canada and the US

A progressive Indian state was looking to grow investment in industry from NRIs based in North America. IAMG was contracted to set up an administrative and marketing office to represent it.

IAMG organized a get-together of hi-net worth individuals to gauge market response. As a next step, it arranged for a community event celebrating folklore of the particular state. This provided an opportunity to showcase the State’s achievements and promote the representative office managed by IAMG on its behalf.

• Full Fledged office
• Zero Investments in Fixed Assets
• Save on travel costs, human resources and time
• Reporting on markets, Government laws, facts and figures of the industry
• Experience the benefit of having a local expert available on site as we are familiar with the laws,        regulations, language and culture
• Better communication and lesser time

The proposed strategy was welcomed and applauded by the Client and the office has already started to generate leads and business opportunities for the State.

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