While the North American market is an example of a “free economy” our tax and legal advisory consultants understand the increasingly complex tax and commercial laws and practices of the North American economy. With our experience and expertise, IAMG can help you assess and minimize the cost of your business decisions. We provide advice on all taxation and related issues affecting local companies and outside investors. We also provide assistance in tax litigation.

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Expertise of our consultants:

Sworn fiscal advisory services:

    • Tax certification
    • Other certification services

Legal services:

    • Legal entity establishment
    • Articles of incorporation
    • Litigation advisory
    • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
    • Intellectual Property protection
    • Labor law compliance
    • Agreement drafting

Tax advisory services:

    • Indirect tax advice
    • Tax planning
    • Advisory on incentives and foreign trade
    • Services for taxation of individuals
    • International assignment services

Specific sectors we serve:

    • Banks and financial institutions
    • Manufacturing and automotive
    • Technology and communications
    • Public sector organizations
    • Built-operate-transfer and built-operate
    • Multinational companies operating in North America

Entering a new foreign market can be a very complicated endeavor, full of legal and tax regulations that can be difficult to come in compliance with. IAMG has extensive experience in assisting foreign companies to enter the North American market while avoiding legal pitfalls in the process.

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