When considering an expansion effort into a new foreign market, often business leaders will elect to merge with or acquire companies in the target market. This allows them to significantly reduce their lead time and realize revenues more quickly than they would with a fully self-managed expansion operation. IAMG provides a suite of services that can help companies identify M&A targets that will support their growth strategies. We help create a road map to mitigate risk and achieve the projected benefits—while allowing the organization to concentrate on its normal day-to-day business.

Another vital element of IAMG’s approach is to help clients create their own in-house M&A capability, with reusable processes and platforms that span all stages of the deal cycle. In this way, clients can apply the same rigor to the process of inorganic growth as they do to other business processes such as HR, IT, marketing or finance.

IAMG helps companies by providing a robust set of due diligence services for both corporate and private equity clients. IAMG’s approach to strategic and operational due diligence is holistic—focusing not only on validating acquisition assumptions but also on providing greater insights that enable companies to proceed confidently with subsequent integration activities. Our due diligence practitioners have extensive industry and functional experience, which enables them to paint a realistic and practical picture of the deal.

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