IAMG can help manufacturers and service companies manage the collection of products to be returned across borders. We take a highly strategic and customized approach in providing efficient and compliant returns management services. Our service capabilities allow us to uniquely respond to any of your return programs including processing, tracking, counting and reimbursement.

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It’s very easy and convenient for companies to sell their products worldwide from their digital storefront. However delivery of the product requires distribution channels. In the cases where customer got the wrong product or a damaged product then it requires re-sending the product back to company, and resending the customer’s order to them promptly. Individual shipping costs for international parcels are very high, we have created a service where we collect the products by region at domestic shipping costs and then package it in a single large parcel for international shipping back to the manufacturer.

IAMG’s Return Collection Services is managed by a team of internationally distributed professionals with extensive knowledge in the field. Our technologies and processes are geared to meet the most demanding standards from our customers.

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