If you are interested in selling products or services to the North American market but are hesitating to allocate a large portion of your budget to do it, you may be in need of IAMG’s product representation services. Entering a new foreign market can be a daunting experience and generating sales while managing an extensive expansion project can make that experience even more daunting. IAMG can represent your product in the Americas with your highest standards in mind.


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IAMG has maintained excellent relationships with US and Canadian trade associations, provincial and federal governmental organizations as well as American companies across all industries. This gives us the edge in promoting our clients’ products and services versus companies who can only manage one aspect of the promotional pipeline. We take an all encompassing approach to promoting your product in North America.

First, our consultants will work closely with the client to determine the proper market and price positioning of the products or services. Then, the products/services information will be spread to potential customers and distributors through our well-established networks. IAMG will screen the potential distributors and customers before referring them to the client for further business negotiations. Finally, IAMG can sell your products into end retailers.

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