Not many nations have a characteristic which evokes such enthusiastic, back-slapping veneration like the North American proclivity for business does. The United States and Canada nurtured and refined modern marketing: the hard-sell, branding, bigger-is-better augmentation and instant gratification. Democratic capitalism never smelled so good! It is well understood that it is in the USA’s and Canada’s interests to do business internationally, and to accept international businesses into their economy.


The USA is the globe’s largest economy. It is a true “free economy”, one in which any individual from almost any nation can do business with limited government intrusion, save for a few specific industries. Private individuals and businesses make most of the decisions, and the federal and state governments buy needed goods and services predominantly in the private marketplace; providing a big opportunity for overseas investors in every industry.

The USA and Canada are an entrepreneurial Eden. Risks are low and advantages are high, which is the fundamental balancing-act of all business ventures. So if you are ready to make a leap across the pond, North America may just be the perfect place to land. IAMG can help virtually any company realize their international business ambitions with best-in-class consulting services, delivered at the highest industry standards.

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