Welcome to Indo American Gateway Mail & package Forwarding services for your personal or business needs.

We provide you with your own physical shipping address in the USA to receive your mail and packages. Just log in to your account to see your mailbox inventory, forward shipments to you, scan urgent letters, or even discard junk mail!

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How it works


After Signup , use your USA address provided by i AM GATEWAY for purchases, packages, or mail.


Your items are then mailed to your USA mailing address and registered to your mailbox.


You manage your USA letters and packages online and ship your items anywhere in the world!

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Who We Are

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Set up a Virtual Office in the US

Let Us Set Up A Virtual Office For You

We do make arrangements and carry out activities in a way to have your own USA Virtual Office. Following are the things we do to help you build a brand identity as an organization or an individual entrepreneur planning to establish roots in the USA.

We Help You With A Business Presence

Utilize a business address within the US to significantly do more than mere sending mail, packages, or fax. Use our abilities as a genuine road map to trade products, documents, mails, and a lot other things in the US.

We Help You With Business Processes

We do understand explicit necessities of businesses to establish a presence in the USA. Whether wanting a virtual mailing address, phone number, import or export between US and other countries, we do it all to establish process, documentation, and licensing, within the US.

We Help You With Product Selection And Personalized Shopping

Get satisfaction in terms of apt selection of products to distribute them within the USA. Furthermore, we help end consumers to send and receive across items from our shopping list to ship them with utmost ease.

Buy and Sell in the US

I AM GATEWAY ancillary personal and business services.

Get an address in the US

Receive and ship USA items anywhere in the world.
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Whom We Help

Looking for a way to stay connected while living outside the US? We make it easy - our expatriate mail services have you covered, no matter where life takes you. Plus, if your lifestyle includes boating or RVing around the country, we deliver too! Finally, entrepreneurs in need of assistance distributing and selling items domestically can rely on us as well - trust us to help keep business thriving across borders and boundaries.

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Know About I am Gateway

Iam Gateway is an initiative of IAMSME NETWORK.

Our organization has satisfied a huge number of customers by setting up a mailing address in the USA to have their mails and products delivered right in the USA. Our main goal is to help individuals all over the planet get both mail and valuables delivered in the USA safely and dependably. Simply sign up with a Mailbox Account with us and see your letters as well as shipments, dropping by in the mailbox! We do it all with the greatest amount of safety and classification! Not just another Mail Provider, we are more than that. We further help with additional services, likewise repacking, sending and receiving fax, exporting products to USA, and lots more.