Need assistance purchasing online?

Can't find what you are looking for? Have difficulties paying for it? Think you can find it for a better price?

The vendor won’t accept a foreign credit card?

Need tickets for that sold-out sporting or special event?

Are you looking for specialized services or products in the USA?

Please Contact Us to request a Personal Shopper Service or Quote.

Personal Shopper Rates and Conditions

The Personal Shopper Fee will be the higher of $10 or 10% per order for orders paid with wire transfer. The fee for Personal Shopper orders placed with credit card will be the higher of 13.5 % or $13.50 per item. Bank wire transfers fee of $25 per wire transfer will apply. Fees are NON refundable. This fee apply PER ORDER, on order is a single online transaction (with any number of items) to a single vendor.

I am Gateway, may refuse any transaction for any reason. Also, I am Gateway may limit the amount for credit card transactions in order to minimize its risk. Also I am Gateway may refuse to fulfill a Personal Shopper request, or establish additional safeguards, for new customers with an unproven track record with the company or for large purchases.

I am Gateway, responsibility is limited to ordering and receiving the product on behalf of the customer. I am Gateway will not warrant ANY part of the product or shipping to I am Gateway at any time. All warranties should be taken directly to the manufacturer or vendor of the product. Also, I am Gateway will not be responsible for the vendor's performance.

If a particular purchase or transaction requires an additional service other than simply ordering the product online, I am Gateway reserves the right to charge a fee for such service.