Mail Forwarding Account comes with access to your own Mail Manager. Mail Manager is responsible for keeping track of and updating you with all the emails that we receive on your behalf. With Your Mail Manager, you can track your shipment, see the content of your inbox, discard your unwanted items and see the photographs and scanned copies of your Inward mail.

Manage your Inbox Content:

Manage your mailbox with ease! Get a visual of all the items in your inbox, have them shipped or scanned - whatever you need. Plus quickly get rid of anything unnecessary so the important stuff is always sorted and ready to go.

See Details of your Items:

Check out your latest inbox products in high definition - get an up-close look at weights, dimensions and comments.

Plus, easily enter values, descriptions & countries of manufacture when shipping customs forms!

Access your Order and Billing History:

With our mail manager, you can Instantly check details of past shipments and view archived files for a comprehensive overview of account activity.

Now tracking packages is simple & easy.

Control your Account Settings:

Managing your account settings is a breeze!

Personalize your shipping preferences, such as specifying frequency and repackaging rules. Make sure all of the right people have access to your accounts by adding additional names, payment methods and delivery addresses in just a few clicks.